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A simple guide to planning Hen Parties

Only those who have at any point of time arranged for hen parties know how challenging this task can be. Getting all girls together at the same time and making them agree to a particular fun idea can be really daunting at times. Jokes apart, planning a hen party truly requires great expertise in event management.

Who all should be invited?

This is a big question to be answered as it will form the basis of deciding the amount of space required to hold the hen party. Moreover, this decision can make or break your friendship with the would-be-bride. If you are her fiancée and are planning a surprise party, contact one of her favorite friends to information on whom your prospect wife would like to invite and who are the ones she would not like to invite. It can be really disappointing for her, if you mistakenly invite any of her blacklisted acquaintances.

Where to hold the party?

The next important point is to select an ideal destination for your hen party. The hen destination should be such that it is easier for all the invited guests to reach. Moreover, it should be a place where you can relax and have fun as per your own exclusive idea of enjoyment. Going for camping at a popular beach can be a good idea. You can also arrange for a party at your own place. If this is not the way you would like to enjoy, you can contact all your guest and se if they are comfortable with partying abroad.

What all activities should be there?

A lot of fun activities can be include in hen parties. Pole dancing, cookery classes, and jewelry making are some of them. Spa nights can also be included to make the ladies nights out relaxing and fun filled. Do not forget to arrange for exclusive dinner with all the possible delectable cuisines. Chocolate making, chocolate tasting, champagne tasting, and wine tasting are also some of the activities you can arrange for the hen nigh.


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