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Hen Nights

A hen night, hen party or hen do is a party which is held only for woman who is going to get married. The term hen night or hen party is more familiar in Australia,UK and Ireland, whereas the term bachelorette party is common in United States. The name stagette is commonly used in Canada. This party is also called as kitchen tea or girls' night out.

Bachelorette party is formed from the bachelor party. During this party the bridegroom should give his friends a dinner treat, before his wedding. The participants of this party are usually women. Bridesmaids are usually invited for this party and any of the close women friends of the bride is also included in this party. Bachelorette party is usually conducted by single person or by more members of the wedding party.

There are different types of entertainment programs conducted in this party. There are lots of companies which will aim the organizer of the party and sell their products such as, pre - printed invitations, packs of themed games, novelties, sex toys and decorations. You can also find hundreds of websites which will provide you the information and ideas for these parties.

Some bachelorette parties are conducted in public venues, like bar, restaurants or in party halls. On occasion, some parties are organized in holiday destinations like Nevada, Las Vegas or other party cities.
It is always optional to participate in a bachelorette party, and there are lots of brides who will decline these parties in general. Since this is derived from a ceremonial dinner, the bachelorette party is held in the evening. It is usually held at least few days or about a week before the wedding. This party usually includes dinner, even though the optional approaches are not unusual.

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