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Hen Parties: The Best Way to Say Good-Bye to Days of Single hood

Hen parties are all girls’ parties that are arranged for by the friends of the would-be-bride to celebrate her last few days of single hood.


Hen parties are the best way to recollect the golden days that all the girls’ participants have spent together. A hen night is also an opportunity for the would-be –bride to take some tips from her married friends. Events such as foreplay lessons and pole dancing lessons make the hen nights and weekends even more interesting and fun filled. You can also play games or go in for dirty dancing at your hen night.  Lot of gossip and fun is what rightly describes a hen party.

Bride’s place: An ideal destination for hen parties

The first thing to decide about hen parties is its destination. Anybody’s home from the group of friends can be selected as the hub for your hen party. If your hen party is not a surprise for the bride, the bride’s place would make for an ideal destination for partying. Contact the best caterer in your area and make arrangements for food. Decorate the house with ribbons and balloons. You can also make arrangements for fun games. Don’t forget to select an interesting theme and dress code for the party. Depending upon your choice, you can add a lot more events to add to your fun night such as male stripper’s shows.

Outside location

If you do not want to restrict your hen party to the boundaries of your home or local clubs and hotels, you can select an appropriate hen destination outside your town. There are many places that are famous for their hen parties and hen activities and events. London, Birmingham, Brighton, and Liverpool are some of the best hen locations in UK. Some of the other locations are Dublin, Valencia, and Madrid. All these places offer many fun hen activities such as chocolate making, male stripper shows, dirty dancing, spas, wine tasting, and much more.


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