Male Stippers Hen Nights in Bournemouth

Adonis hen nights with male strippers in Bournemouth are fit for the GODS! Looking for hen nights in Bournemouth we have weekly shows in our very own club licensed for male strippers Bournemouth. Our hen nights in Bournemouth are fit for a queen - hen queen that is! The Adonis guys will have you laughing dancing and partying like you never have before, our Drag queen host will ask all the hen queens on stage for 5 minuets of fame and win presents and prizes. Its not hard to see who Adonis is the number one for hen nights in Bournemouth! And our boys are the only male strippers Bournemouth has home grown !

Hen Nights with Male Strippers in Bournemouth

Hen Nights in Bournemouth Hen Nights in Bournemouth

Bournemouth the gem of the South, and one of my personal favorite places to be - Sun Sea Sand and STRIPPERS! hahahaha
Bournemouth was the second location to be opened by The Adonis Cabaret and the new and improved hen party package with male strippers can't be matched - for an all inclusive price of just £35pp (+booking fee) you'll have from 7pm - 2am sorted for you!

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7-8pm you'll be greeted with a cocktail reception and yummy buffet (1/3rd veggie)

Hen Party Bournemouth

Bournemouth Hen Night 8-10.30pm you'll have our fantastic Adonis Cabaret Show with the Adonis Boys and their great strip routines and comedy impressions, all held together with Drag Queen comedy glue!

Your Hen Queen/Birthday Girl/or special lady will receive a Hat, T shirt, Sash, and a chance to Lapdance on one of the boys or play party games with the drag queen. All your group will receive a calendar and unlimited copies of the free photos of the night including group photos of your meet and greet after the show - all available on the site after the show !

10.30 - 2pm the boys get changed and the venue changes into a night spot where local's and stag parties join the nights' fun till the early hours, watch out for the guys, as they re-appear and come and dance with you..

That's one hell of a night sorted !

Definition and Bournemouth Hen Party Stripper Notes

Bournemouth is the ideal place to party, its big enough to have something for everything but small enough that its all in one area, its clean and classy, and there are some wicked agencies based down there because of the many varied activities!

ournemouth is Number 3 on our top hen night location list, numbers have soured skywards prompting worries at times from the locals of being over run with stag and hen nights, there was rumour they were going to try to ban or disswade the stag and hen parties with a bond the hotel would have to impose on the booker, but this luckelly has been dropped, and the party continues..
Hen Nights in Bournemouth

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Bournemouth Male Stripper & Hen Night History

Cheeky weekend breaks have been a staple part of the Bournemouth tourest trade, when hen party weekends really took off in the late 90's Bournemouth male strippers became an integral part of the weekend Adonis first opened up a Bournemouth venue in 2002 and it became the second in what is now many over the country.

Adonis Cabaret, Bumbles Night Club, 45 Poole Hill, Bournemouth BH2 5PW ... MAP

CLICK HERE to book tickets online for the Adonis Cabaret in Bournemouth!

Hen Nights in Bournemouth
Hen Nights in Bournemouth
Thinking of a house party with male strippers Bournemouth? Our guys can come to your hen nights in Bournemouth and visit you before and after the shows, our boys are all local lads so you won't be let down last minuet like agents will, our male stripper will be in Bournemouth hen party all night, either at the Adonis hen party show or doing your private male stripper show only in Bournemouth

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