Male Stripper Hen Nights in Brighton

If you luurve male strippers, Drag queens and you're looking for a hen night in one of THE best hen night destinations in the UK, then why not come to Brighton for your hen weekend?

Brighton hen party Brighton hen party
Brighton hen party Brighton hen party
CLICK HERE to book tickets online for the Adonis Cabaret in Brighton!

We have the ultimate hen party in Brighton - for an all inclusive price of just £35pp (+booking fee) you'll have from 7pm - 2am sorted for you!

7-8pm you'll be greeted with a cocktail reception and yummy buffet (1/3rd veggie)

8-10.30pm you'll have our fantastic Adonis Cabaret Show with the Adonis Boys and their great strip routines and comedy impressions, all held together with Drag Queen comedy glue!

Your Hen Queen/Birthday Girl/or special lady will receive a Hat, T shirt, Sash, and a chance to Lapdance on one of the boys or play party games with the drag queen..

All your group will receive a calendar and unlimited copies of the free photos of the night including group photos of your meet and greet after the show - all available on the site after the show!
Hen Nights in Brighton
10.30 - 2pm the boys get changed and the venue changes into a night spot where local's and stag parties join the nights' fun till the early hours, watch out for the guys, as they re appear and come and dance with you..

That's one hell of a night sorted !

CLICK HERE to book tickets online for the Adonis Cabaret in Brighton!

Definition - Hen Nights

Hen nights have always chosen Brighton Male Strippers as one of the top activities in the country for their hen nights in Brighton away from their home towns where they can let loose and have that last night of freedom!

Brighton is now the undisputed number 1 location beating Blackpool and even London who have contested the title for many years and runners up Bournemouth and Newcastle who also fight for the title.

Hen Nights in Brighton Brighton has always been a party town all geared up for clubbing and partying by the sea - The Prince Regent even made a party palace known as the Royal Pavilion just for his naughty get aways ! (although I'm not too sure male strippers were ever the order of the day hahaha)

Where do male strippers come in I ask you say? Well strippers have always been the icing on the cake for any hen or stag do, to hire one as a surprise at one of the bars, clubs or restaurants you're visiting on your night out is great fun, however with many venues not letting strippers into their establishment the stripagram or kissagram can get turned away !!! Bad times!

This is where The Adonis Cabaret excels in solving all the problems hiring male strippers for a hen night in Brighton, we do it all for you, all in one venue, and all safe and above board, giving you the security to party hard knowing everything has been taken care of.

Brighton male stripper & hen night history.. The place to see male strippers in Brighton used to be the gay clubs, the first I saw was at the Beacon Royal in the 80's mainly aimed at the gay audiences but ladies did attend. It became a regular feature in the underground gay venues and attracted large audiences, I actually performed my strip show with Eartha Kitt (the original Cat Woman) at the Revenge many years later in Brighton town centre..

Hen nights with male strippers and drag queens were put on sporadically in pubs and social clubs in the area not specifically aimed at wedding hen nights - but were still called "Hen Nights" or "ladies nights". I put on the first Adonis Cabaret in this fashion.

It was not until the late 90's when the trend changed and both stags and hens would choose to party away from their home towns, that the hen night phenomenon really took off.. Adonis Cabaret were one of the lucky companies to be in the right place at the right time along with a few small travel agents who put party packages together just for this occasion.
Hen Nights in Brighton

Male strip shows have come and gone over the 90's and into the naughtys, with great battles between agents shows like Red Sevens "Girlie Show", HenHeavens "Men In Uniform", "The Dream Boys", and yours truly The Adonis Cabaret, many of which have now chosen to work with Adonis leaving it the sole male strip show performed in Brighton on a weekly basis, selling out every week in the hen night peak!..

Adonis Cabaret, Babylon Lounge, Kingsway [Seafront], Hove, East Sussex BN3 4FA ... MAP

CLICK HERE to book tickets online for the Adonis Cabaret in Brighton!

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